Vip Kiev escort

When the time came to go to the vip Kiev escort, my parents were not in the mission were both, I'll Svetka drove, waited almost until morning, but then said that we arrived early, a day more to wait. You could pick up and Svetka from Kiev escort, but she did not want to! And suddenly the night, and bridges are divorced, and we did not get there. C'mon, do not mind!
Do not have time to come to Kiev Ukraine escort, immediately call (hours 4 nights) — Il. Right away, swore that she did not call, in fact, Sveta called, its just not at work or at home was not. Then I realized why she asks so angry with her mother, Ira immediately began to learn that all the napkins, toys, trinkets, rugs, runners, all of that dust collects must be removed, wipe the dust, all the children and my mother's clothes boiled, crib wipe bleach, and etc etc. Hours from the floor, I Dhaka, nodded, and agreed by all known means to me and my Ukraine escort lady.
The next day, too, nothing happened, I was hungry, and the store did not even go down, because he was afraid that Ukraine escort Svetka call. We agreed that she will call when the start that I was closer. In the evening again called Il. It has become the report to claim that I have already done. I say, did nothing, I worry even the store do not go out and want to sleep. He said goodbye and really lay down. Half an hour later the doorbell rang. Ira! Potatoes with chops, kefirchika my favorite, bread, butter, whole, in general, brought. Sweet! I sit, eat off! She drinks, I'm not — and then suddenly? Indeed! Dishes are not domyli — calls Sveta. Come on, of course, together. Ira was nervous — as if giving birth itself, I swear! I myself comforted her, and she would have little sisters in the background already gnawed to death! Even though I had dropped out, went and bought cigarettes, gave Ira. Surprisingly not even thought to give. In the maternity hospital of course, some smoking, it is cold outside, went into the car. Kiev escort model first smoked nervously, and then began to talk about everything. How do they have what it with this problem, just do not stop. And all told! What neither the doctor nor husband nor the priest would not trust. And she smoked one from another. Then he fell silent.